Our COVID-19 Message: We are here to help during the COVID-19 pandemic

BioMedical Industry Group Inc. recognizes the massive impact COVID-19 is having on our communities, healthcare systems and patients, and we are here to continue to provide our UniPole System™ IV poles to help save patient lives. We are following the Government of Canada guidelines as an essential service, and are protecting our staff by working remotely as much as we can. Our IV poles are currently helping front line medical personnel deal with this devastating virus in hospitals across the country.

Working together, we will  fight Coronavirus. 

Medical Innovation for the 21st Century

BioMedical Industry Group Inc. is a Canadian medical device design and manufacturing company proudly serving the North American healthcare market since 1996. We develop innovative products to address challenging problems in the healthcare field to improve infection control and help save lives. The keys to our uniqueness are: our simplicity of design and ease of cleaning; our modular product line; and our collaboration with hospital healthcare professionals to design and manufacture the products they need. Our IV poles are Class 1 Medical Devices, and we are Health Canada licensed and compliant (MDEL#: 7482).

Our flagships product, the UniPole System™, is a non-telescopic IV pole for supporting medical equipment. The system is modular allowing hospitals to choose the single IV pole model (UniPole I) or the double (UniPole II) and triple (UniPole III) pole versions to meet more acute and critical care patient needs. Our UniPole fleet has a presence in general hospitals, children’s hospitals, heart institutes and other specialty hospitals. Our UniPole I, II and III poles were used in the surgery for, and recovery from, the first face transplant in Canada in Montreal, Quebec. 


To develop leading-edge medical devices and equipment to meet 21st century healthcare, hospital and patient needs and help to benefit humanity.


To be a leader in infection control medical devices and equipment to help save lives and improve patient care 

UniPole System

Use 21st Century technology and materials to solve 21st century medical issues.

Medical Innovation for the 21st Century


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