A New Generation of Medical Pole and IV Pole for the 21st Century


Offering total support for pumps, oxygen, monitors, power strips and analgesic pump brackets. 

While reducing bio-hazards and exceeding infection control requirements over previous generation medical poles and iv poles,  BioMed’s UniPole iv pole system also offers unparalleled stability and operational improvements.  These lead to more efficient and safer operating environments, with a corresponding relief on operating budgets.

Meets Infection Control Requirements

Single “UniPole” construction is easiest to clean, facilitates and simplifies infection control procedures.

Creative and Responsive Design

Constructed for longevity with durable materials and designed as an elegant, simple solution.

Easy to Install and Use

Take it out of its shipping box, and install it in a minute or two; and all you need is the provided Allen Key.

Chosen by Leading Hospitals

The UniPole System has been selected and being used by respected hospitals.

Reduce Bio Hazards

Previous generation poles have significant bio hazard risks. Not so with BioMed’s UniPole construction.

Stability, Choice of Bases

Unlike other poles, UniPole offers unparalleled stability, even over elevator gaps.

Nesting Ability

Save space with our 6 wheel base, which nests in either direction for easy integration, storage and collective movement.

Optional Brass Handgrips

Antimicrobial brass helps resist growth and development of bacteria and supports infection control.

Display and Banner Caps

Permit donors and sponsors to purchase banners signs or the entire pole to offset hospital costs.

Swing out Gurney Hook and Link

Lets one person move multiple poles; tethered poles move with beds and wheelchairs.

Colour Coded Hangers

Hangers move up, down and around the pole and automatically lock in position. They also twist to serve as tube guides.

Power Cradle

The optional Powerstrip includes a cable winder for ease of use and antimicrobial protection. Cables no longer need to drag on the ground.

Colour your Ward

Poles, available in many colours including white, red, blue, permit easy purposing and lead to enhanced environments.

MultiPole Configurations

Poles  and stands are available in single, double and triple pole configurations for the widest of uses.

Show your Support

Show YOUR support by putting your name on a banner cap.  It’s an idea to hang on to.

MRI Pole

Order the optional non-ferrous pole suitable for MRI and operating room use. Can be colour coded and supports most optional attachments.

Request Technical Specifications

“I want to find out more about the UniPole System. Please send me more detailed technical specifications.”

A Simple, Elegant Solution for 21st Century Health Care Needs.

One Pole System, Multiple applications. Of course it supports BioMed’s CADD®-Solis Pump Bracket.

On Wards

UniPole is easy to clean, reducing  infection control resources. Colour code poles by ward or by use. Easy to tow with gurney hook.


UniPole supports multiple pumps one base, saving ICU space. It also offers exceptional stability.


UniPole gurney attachment for wheelchairs permits movement with the pole in tow without extra assistance.


With its selection of optional brackets and attachments, UniPole is highly adaptable to varied clinic requirements.

Military Use

Easy to roll up and ship as a kit, UniPole is highly mobile. “You can ship a lot of poles in the back of a Hercules.”

Home Use

Configurable for Dialysis for example, UniPole’s  mobility, stability and versatility makes it a top choice for many home uses.

Operating Rooms

UniPole reduces space usage requirements while providing great stability for multiple attachments.


Special build with non-ferrous materials, UniPole is compatible with MRI environments.


” I’d like a few points clarified. ”

You might have heard of the first face transplant in Montreal.  How amazing was that!

BioMed UniPoles of all styles are prominent in the news video about the procedure from prep to recovery room.

We’ve had no service requests or pole failures in 5 years. This pole will last 20 years.

Chief of Maintenance, Major Local Hospital

Repeat orders is the best compliment. The Ottawa Heart Institute has been re-ordering poles for many years

Mark Sunderland, Founder, The BioMed Group

“The transfer of critical care patients can be a very dangerous time and there is little margin for error.  With central and arterial lines, infusion pumps and pacemakers and the need for ventilation, the last thing one needs to worry about is an unstable and poorly designed transport pole that can cause real harm to patients and staff.

This is where the UniPole System comes into its own.   With wheels that were designed to travel and which glide across the most unstable of floors, the multiple hooks for hanging things and the tether which allows it to attach to virtually any bed, my team and I are super satisfied beyond expectations that this pole does its business and does it well.  The BioMed Group and the UniPole System have been a game changer at my institution! Transferring very sick patients from place to place is safe and pleasant because of this pole.“

Dr. Wayne Nates, Anaesthesiologist

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